The International EPD System announces the EPD South Korea
작성자 최고관리자

Stockhom, Jun 26th, 2023 – The International EPD® System announces the launch of EPD South Korea. 

EPD South Korea offers the South Korea market tailored and regionalized EPD services that support the market.


The EPD South Korea is operated by advisory board and Technical Fellows comprised of high contributors to LCA and EPD from academia, industry, and beyond. 

EPD South Korea is governed by The International EPD System.


EPD South Korea offers independent and competitive EPD services in the South Korea market and provides an important bridge between South Korea manufacturers and the global EPD marketplace, as well as connecting global interests with solutions specific to the South Korea market.


EPD South Korea is governed by an advisory board consisting of Sebastiaan Stiller, CEO of EPD International AB, Norihiro Itsubo, Professor at Waseda University in Japan, Kosan Roh, Professor at Chungnam University in South Korea, Joocheong Kim, Professor at Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Mongolia, and Jaesung Noh, Research Fellow at The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


In addition, Sungmo Yeon, CEO of HIP Co., Ltd, and Jaewoo Jung, CEO of EnSTAR Co., Ltd, who are Research Fellows of ISO TC207 in South Korea, have been appointed as Technical Fellows to address the technical aspects of LCA and EPD. You can find EPD South Korea here.


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