EPD Registration Fees

EPD South Korea is a regional partner of the International EPD® System operated by EPD International AB. All EPDs registered with local partners are simultaneously registered with the International EPD® System.

The following fee structure applies to registering and publishing EPDs on The International EPD® System.

Registration Fees

The Registration Fee is a one-time fee charged once per EPD for registration and publication through the International EPD® System.

the number of EPDs Registration Fee (V.A.T. not included)
1 1.5 million won
2~4 700,000 won
5~99 150,000 won
100 or more 50,000 won

* Registration fee for carbon footprint is requested separately

Annual Fee

The annual fee is a recurring fee charged annually and varies according to the size of the business.

Organization size Annual fee (V.A.T. not included)
1-10 employees 700,000 won
11-250 employees 1.5 million won
250 or more employees 3.5 million won
Industry association 1.5 million won